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Peppa Pig World Review


To mark the occasion we took my daughter, Sademi to Peppa Pigs world, being the mum that I am I had this all planned out from the time she was 2. It was amazing ( for both of us).

Happy Birthday Sademi!


It's a long ass drive! Peppa Pigs world is based in Paulton's Park. From where I live (the outskirts of East London) it took us 2. 5hrs to get there. So think , there and back... you do the math!


It was worth the long ass drive! We went on what appears to be one of the last days of summer, it was hot (26c)! My untrusting of the British weather self was sweating in a cotton, long sleeve, full leg, funnel neck Pretty Little Things jumpsuit- the shade of blue perfectly matched my shades...so the look was cute...stuffy but cute. It it one of those places like Chessington and Thopre Park, you can go all year round but it makes life that much easier when the weather is at least warmish.


We purchased VIP access tickets which allowed Sadémi to access the park 1hr before it opened to the public. It also included an opportunity to take pictures with Peppa and George as well access to the spaceship (not sure which character from the shows spaceship - i'll ask Sademi). We spent too much time on the spaceships and not enough time jumping on the popular rides before the park opened. As a result we ended up queuing possibly for about 30 mins for the popular rides. I read online beforehand that the queues go by quick ( 15mins max ) so I put the long wait down to it to being a beautiful day so all of England came out ( literally I heard every British accent that day).

VIP Access, before the Park opened:hahahaha. I am just seeing in this picture now Sademi's uncertainity about seeing Peppa in real life. I promise you she quickly warmed up! Hahaha.


The rides are the cutest. It’s like a Thorpe Park for little people. Sadémi was able to go on every single ride, they were actually very high but created in a way that the children could enjoy them. There is also a placed called “Little Africa” which was like a small zoo area (I loved the versatility of the entertainment in the park). There were turtles, lizards, snakes, fish etc and even merkeets. Oh and there is a penguin showing too! 


There wasn’t heaps for babies, let’s discuss crawling stage. Parents are able to hold babies them on rides (the rides are that safe) there is also a soft play in the spaceship area I mentioned above.


 Peppa Pig world- I loved this app. I had our ticket on the app so I did not need to print one. The app had an integrated map which showed you where you were in the park, your distance from the nearest rides and how long the wait in the queues were. Although the queue times weren't always accurate, I still found the app very useful. The app allowed me to put an itinerary together and plan our afternoon, i knew all the rides we were going to do before we even got there - with a toddler in tow you don't want to waste time and you want to make the most of the day. I think we would have got pretty frustrated without the app. One of my highlights- it made my life that much easier.


There are multiple food locations across the park, loads! There is a main restaurant but like we did you can grab a burger and fries from one of the stand alone shops and eat on the picnic bench (they have tables) .


 If you follow me on instagram (ola_oluwaseyi) you know me and know that I have to give a bullet point to coffee. Now, you don’t go to Peppa Pig 's world for the coffee. If you’re little one kept you up all night then buy a coffee en route because Peppa's coffee ain’t it. Also if like me you only drink alternative milk, then the only option you will have is tiny pot of soya milk ( Mcdonalds ketchup tiny). As a Londoner, maybe ignorantly I thought the whole world had joined the alternative milk movement - obviously not.

Overall a memorable experience,  I suggest you go and I would defo go again :)

Exhausted...happy, but exhausted :)

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